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Our Practice

Providing a unique service, Colin Beeson is a well-known optometrist, practicing for over 30 years in both high street and hospital environments. The practice offers a bespoke service that is very difficult to find elsewhere.

Our aim is to deliver the best standard of eye care to all our patients in a friendly, professional environment. We do not just do ‘sight tests’. 

We provide a full NHS and private eye examination service using the latest technology and techniques. Hospital standards are matched with our scanning and imaging systems which allow us to accurately visualise and record the appearance of all parts of your eyes, giving unsurpassed diagnostic capability.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your needs in detail and carefully explain why certain tests are necessary. This approach ensures we always carry out a thorough investigation of your vision and ocular health, offering advice on any specific occupational or recreational needs.  

Colin Beeson Optometrist, Village Vision

We are committed to the NHS and will continue to accept applications from NHS patients. We are, however, keen to ensure that all patients agree to extend the scope of the NHS Sight Test to the higher standards provided by our Advanced Eye Examination. Accordingly, patients eligible for NHS help with the cost of a Sight Test will be offered the opportunity to pay an additional amount. This fee provides extra services, such as OCT, digital imaging or macular pigment analysis, which we believe are essential for a comprehensive eye examination but which are not currently included within the NHS Sight Test. 

Colin Beeson Optician Tamworth Lichfield